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Ontorio Medicine

TORONTO - A reusable freezer-gel probe that temporarily soothes and shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissue has been found to provide relief in more than 90 percent of test patients, according to specialists here at the Rudd Clinic.

TCalled Anurex, the 10-cm probe is filled with a cold-retaning fluid gel. Once the probe is suffciently cooled in the freezer, patients insert the device into the rectum. After about an eight-minute treatment, relief from anorectal pain and irritation may lat between one to four hours.

Recently tested by physicians at the clinic, some 85 out of the 87 patients who experimented with the device reported symptomatic improvement of the least 20 percent.

There were no adverse effects reported in any of the users, and according to Dr. William Rudd, founder and director of the Rudd Clinic, "this is the treatment of choice for anusitis."

Unlike suppositories, Anurex decreases blood flow in the anorectal area, and possibly alters both the pH and the bacterial flora of the anal cana, both of which may also be benefical. In the Rudd Clinic series, physicians found the device helpful in a number of setting, including post-operative pain, anal fissures, cryptitis anal proctalgia fugax, as well as hemorrhoids and paruritis.

"If the lession in extremely painful and swollen, patients may not be able to get to probe in," said Dr, Rudd. "(And if this is the case), I would suggest that they use a topical analgesic cream.""

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Ontorio Medicine - Mar 1988

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